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Anime Inspired Makeup Brand: What started it all

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What started it all: 

Our founder Yva, has always wanted to be an entrepreneur - so starting this brand was a dream come true for her. At a young age, Yva started watching anime and fell in love with it. By age 12, she started reading manga, and there her love for both anime and manga grew. As a teen, Yva was not allowed to wear makeup until she was 18 years old (per parent's request) so at the age of 18 - she bought her first ever mini eyeshadow palette, and realized that she felt her best when she played around with makeup. What started as experiment, quickly grew into a passion. Although Yva was not an expert with make up - she felt that doing her make up became therapeutic and it helped her express how she felt. Fast forward to 3 years later, after saving up the correct amount of funds with the help of her significant other and family, Yva Expressions was established. Yva knew that one day she wanted to start up a business - and felt that whatever the business was, it had to represent her as an individual, so there came the combination of anime, manga, and makeup. The brand name "Yva Expressions" symbolizes the act of self expression with products created by the founder "Yva" inspired by some amazing anime, aesthetics, and  manga. Yva hopes that by creating this brand, many people will be able to connect with the things that they love, while being part of the anime community. 

Where it's going: Adding Aesthetics Inspired Makeup?

Makeup inspired by different Aesthetics is a new part of the revamp of the brand Yva Expressions. With the brand's purpose of being to encourage Self expression, we wanted to add even more products that allowed others to feel seen and included. A brand made for all of the amazing unique individuals who don't always feel as they fit into society's standards. We plan on releasing makeup inspired by gaming, the goth, alternative, emo, and so many other aesthetics. 

 This is the current product, which is the Alternative Aesthetic inspired eyeshadow palette named "Not a phase" which will include 16 shades in total. 

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