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Anime lashes, Anime makeup, Cosplay lashes
Anime lashes, Anime makeup, Cosplay lashes


Introducing our Doki Doki Lashes - These lashes are lightweight lashes that resemble "Manga Lashes" which are perfect for cosplay. These lashes have a very thin band which makes them look extremely natural. Our Doki Doki lashes are made out of synthetic fibers and are 100% cruelty-free and Vegan. 

There are 5 pairs of lashes included in the lash bundle, and the lashes are reusable with proper lash care. For the longevity of each lash, Clean the lash band after every use. 

These lashes were created with the thought of cosplayers in mind - so they're very lightweight so that they're not heavy while you're wearing them throughout the day.


- Measure your lashes before application to ensure the best fit for your eye shape. Trim the ends of your lashes if needed.

- Apply Lash Glue to the lash band as well as your eyelids for a better stick and to avoid your lashes from falling off throughout the day.

-  For a better Application, use a lash applicator tool if needed. The Band on these lashes is naturally thin - so for faster application, a lash tool would be handy.

- Apply Mascara to your natural lashes so that the faux lashes and your lashes Blend better together.

- To Create an "Uplift" effect, Gently push the faux lashes against your lashes upwards, This can be done with tweezers or your fingers at the edge of your inner lash line.


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Doki Doki Lash Bundle


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Taylor Cheatham

They are very cute looking

Cosplay lashes

The lashes are so pretty I’m excited to wear them for my future cosplays🤩

Alexa Tortora

i absolutely luv these lashes !! amazing quality n so cute <3

Chloe Hjelm

They’re my first ever lashes, and I gotta say, I’m really satisfied! (I’ve got almond and hooded eyes) Would buy again

hamda als
i didn’t receive my order

no one contacted me about the order please check

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