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♡ Introducing our High shine, Ultra moisturizing, Pigmented lipglosses. These glosses contain hydrating and moisturizing benefits that keep your lips hydrated all day.  Our silky smooth formula is super easy to apply and non-sticky.  

Shade: Black 



Scent: Vanilla Scented

Mineral oil, Calcium aluminum borosilicate, Titanium dioxide, Silica dimethy silylate, microcrystaline wax, synthetic beeswax, tin oxide.


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Rei Lipgloss


Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews

its very creamy n easy 2 apply woul buy again!!!🖤🖤

Freedom Dean
Great but smudges very easy

The gloss is super smooth and smells amazing as well as has amazing pigment but it smudges on everything. You barely have to touch it and it covers it in black gloss. It's also pretty hard to get off once it smudges

🖤Wonderful Black Gloss🖤

I was at first a bit nervous on trying this gloss out, but decided to why not give it a shot. An this is by far amazing! You get so much with just one layer. Also I'm picky when it comes to the feel of lipsticks/lipgloss. I can't stand tacky sticky like substances. Which this feels smooth and light. It also smells like cotton candy to me. Which is pleasant~♡

Great gloss

I’ve been on the hunt for a good black lipstick or lipgloss and this gloss did the trick, it sits beautifully, but **with the nature of gloss** it does not survive straws and food without having to clean up and re-apply a touch up. It might just be mine that stayed in a hot car for two days but my tube had a bit of a adhesive smell overpowering the sweet vanilla almost cupcake-y smell

Ella Fors
Pretty Good

So I bought the lipgloss and I was surprised by the sheer amount of pigment it had. I expected it to be pigmented, sure, but not like this. I did a swatch on my arm just to make sure my skin didn’t react to it, which it didn’t which was good. Then I put it on and omg my lips just got black in one layer. Which was a big positive, exactly what I wanted! But due to me not really knowing how to put on lipgloss I decided to take it off and give it another try another day. The swatch on the arm was more difficult to get rid of than the paint that was on my lips. I stood for a few solid minutes and hard pressed on my arm with soap to get it off, and to contrast it didn’t take nearly as much effort to get it off my lips. In conclusion, really good product. Exactly what I wanted. A bit of a pain to get rid off without makeup removed. Solid 9/10

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